The workplace is highly regulated by federal and state law, and employers are required to maintain compliance to avoid fines and penalties. Because employment laws are regularly changing and expanding, it is prudent to have a system in place through which to conduct audits of employment policies. We put employment practices through a thorough audit to determine and address areas of concern.

Reductions in Force and WARN Act Compliance

When considering implementing a reduction in force, employers must comply with specific legal requirements. Prior to taking any action, we examine the selected employees to identify potential issues, such as those that might trigger a claim of disparate treatment or retaliation. If the employer falls under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act or the California Mini-WARN Act, we ensure compliance with the mandated reporting and notice requirements.

Wage and Hour Compliance

Wage and hour compliance can be tricky due to the complex system of federal and state regulations, and it is a significant area of risk for companies. Over the past decade, the number of wage and hour class-action claims have steadily increased. We review employer’s worker classification protocols and payroll practices to ensure compliance with the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act as well as California state laws, and make recommendations on improving record-keeping standards to reduce exposure to litigation.

Employment Law Services

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Employment Law Services

We help you navigate the complexities of employment law by preventing problems before they occur, and resolving them successfully if they do arise.

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