Risk Mitigation and Planning

Employee lawsuits, employment-related disputes, and compliance issues are just some of the potential risks and liabilities that you assume as an employer. Not having the proper risk management measure in place can result in costly and time-consuming litigation. learn more

Compliance and Audits

Every business must ensure that they comply with law, rules, and regulations at the federal, state, and local level. If a business fails to meet its compliance obligations, it could face significant penalties, lawsuits, and a damaged reputation. Audits monitor and evaluate just how effective a business is when it comes to staying in compliance. learn more

Employment Litigation

When it becomes necessary to engage in litigation or arbitration, experience counts. Kennedy McCarthy & Rumm, LLP is well-versed in representing employers in virtually every aspect of employment issues, from PAGA to wage and hour, unfair competition to wrongful termination, and more. learn more

Agreements and Policies

Employers need the protection of agreements entered into with their employees and independent contractors regarding such issues as termination, severance, compensation, and the protection of an employer’s intellectual property and confidential information. learn more

Employment Law Services

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Employment Law Services

We help you navigate the complexities of employment law by preventing problems before they occur, and resolving them successfully if they do arise.

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